Instabridge Free Wifi Sharing Andro Dumpper Application Trends In Android Versions Download

It’s a great thing that we have reached a peak level in this scientific technology as if we could make our needs easier with a single touch. People are busy now with internet and social media which connects them with their friends whole over the world. But the main criteria they face difficulty is to access the wifi connections which are protected with passwords. As decoding and hacking is a cyber crime, we couldn’t make a change in accessing the wifi without passwords. And now we are introducing a new android application developed with most efficient data’s to access the wifi without passwords. The new android application which is named as Andro Dumpper which enables us to access internet through wifi without password.

Andro Dumpper is an application developed with custom pins to access the possible wifi connections that are scanned within the location. Overall we introduce this application to the android users which is totally a tip for using wifi as internet and connectivity plays now a major role for this technological revolution. Introducing this application, the first thing is that users having their smartphones with android versions greater than lollipop is enabled without rooting their smartphones.

People who have smartphones with versions android 4.4 should have to be rooted to use this application without any restrictions. But the developer recommends this application to be used without rooting the smartphones. As per instructions, you have to download and install the application in your phone.After that open the application.The main window of the application will shows the available wifi in the surrounding area.For using this application your phone should have to in the minimum android lollipop platform.When the main window shows surrounding wifi networks in the main screen.Click on the network and click the connect option in that.At that time we got an another option as ‘no root method’Then click on the custom pin option after that. When we click on that option our mobile will shows a connecting option on the application. After some minutes our phone will get connected to the network.



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