Asianet Mobile TV Plus Android App Provides HD Channels

Asianet Mobile TV Plus is LIVE Now. It’s our endeavor to entertain the non-resident Malayalee community across the world with our bouquet of popular Malayalam, Tamil Hindi channels. We have made use of the latest technology to enable our viewers to experience the best of Malayalam home entertainment, anytime, anywhere and to access content across multiple platforms. We would shortly be extending our services to other Indian languages also. Additional features like Catch-up TV / Movies, TV Shows, video on demand and live events are being incorporated soon into our OTT service.

Asianet Mobile TV is a new android application that is developed by the Asianet developers who have designed this new android application with the best features that is implemented in the application to perform the best result for the smartphone users. There are enormous applications that does tells us that they do record video and audio but would be fake or prank to use it. As we know that application from the comments and reviews that is shared by the users through their best experience they had inn using the application.

When we introduce the new android application, the application is designed with some features which enables the user to record the video very fastly without any difficulty in finding out the option to click to make the video. Although the new android application, Asianet Mobile TV is an application that is determined as the best screen recorder that is ever chosen by the most famous video creators. As per the record, we could analyse that there are users who have almost covered 930,000 videos per day and have posed online. The new android application lets the user to record game, application videos, edit the videos and enables more to make you the best video creator around and one of the feature that highlights among all the features is that the new android application is totally free.

Featuring the new android application, the app is designed with the screen recording feature that captures your best moves and moments in high definition pixels. One of the feature is that you could include yourself with the face cam that is available in the application. Users are happy to use the new android applications which is that the application do not requires any necessary to have rooting the smartphone to use the application and is supported with all devices which is built up with Android 4.4 and higher versions. Another feature of the new android application is that you could create videos in Full HD which approximately scales up from 240 pixels to 1080 pixels. Also the application is built with flexible settings which helps to suite with any device. You could create videos with a quality of 0.5 mbps to 12 mbps and the app provides 5 to 60 frames per second and could also edit your video perfectly detailing to finalize your creation. You can also share the video after you have created it.


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