Booyah Enables You To Have WhatsApp Video Calls In HD

Video applications are now so far the best achievement that man has made in this scientific era as people could be connected across the world with most advanced video software’s available in play store. There are many applications that provides video chatting software’s across the portal of android applications. We know that one of the most renowned chatting software is the WhatsApp Messenger which have made a great achievement in creating users widely. But there are messages and emails and even comments which regards that the application needs a video catting feature in the application but haven’t added yet.

Booyah is a new android application that is developed for the video chat across the world using your WhatsApp friends. The new android application is designed with the best features that is implemented in Booyah in which the application uses WhatsApp friends to have a video chat with high definition quality features. Though it provides video chat feature for WhatsApp, users have downloaded and installed the new android application in their smartphone to access the video feature so easily. The developers of Booyah, the new video chat application has also developed an iOS version of the application for the iphone users to access the video chat feature while using WhatsApp.

Booyah is an application which is developed with extra ordinary features to make the users happy to use as it is designed with user friendly features to make it easier for them. The new android application is designed with accurate information’s which makes access to the correct persons you try to chat with. Your friends and relatives will be so eager to have a video chat with you through WahtsApp as the new android application enables you the need you want. When describing the new application, you do not need to register for accessing the application after downloading and installing the application.

There are several features implemented in the new android application for accessing video calling your friends and relatives. The application is 100% free to use which provides the best facility provided by the application without any registration or any type of logging in problems. You just need to download and install the application, you can access the video call features with your WhatsApp friends. You could create instant live video parties with your friends and groups with a single tap button. You could add friends to your chat with video call and could even invite friends. The application do currently supports sharing link to WhatsApp Messenger, your Facebook Messenger, as well as your default messages application, Twitter and even on Line Chat. While using the application, you could understand that the application is fun , quick and free to use it.

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