Check Your Train Status, Time & Bookings Instantly With Ixigo

We Indians do travel the more than any people in the world as our needs for our family is limitless and we do make it done at any cost. Each family do have a wish to travel across India to discover the most wonders found in India. And thus such wishes are made success with the help of our Indian railway. We most of the people travel by train to reach any place in India as the service provided by them is comfortable to any Indian. Since more people travel, there can cause a rush in this transport sector. And so there are people who does not get tickets to travel as they might be in a waiting list.

Ixigo is a new android application that is designed and developed by the Le Travenues Technology which is meant for the users to book their tickets online. The new application is developed in a manner in which every smartphone user could understand and use it wisely without any difficulty. And there is an important factor to design the new application which is that with the possibility of downloading and installing the new android application could reduce the rush in the ticket counter and each traveler could maintain his or her ticket and seat. One of the most useful app ever built by the government as the app bears too many features for he users as the single app provides every user every details regarding with the Indian railway department.

Beyond the application, we can see that the analytical records of the designed app shows us that there are billions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from the play store. And also an another news about the app is that the developer of the application has also provided a Windows version for the Microsoft smartphone users. And so in an overall view, we can analyse that the application is built with reliable features and implemented with the best ideas ever crafted by a designer to exhibit the best performance in the related sector.

As we have described the new android application, IRCTC on mobile app is the official application provided by the Indian railways which aims mobile ticketing app to book unreserved train tickets. One of the main feature that highlights among all of them is that people could even book general tickets as it might could help people in finding their seats more earlier and would be much cheaper. Paperless ticket has been enabled in entire Chennai suburban section, entire Mumbai suburban section and New Delhi Palwal section in continuation of Paperless ticket now Season and Platform Tickets are introduced. In addition to that, now ‘Change Handset’ feature is introduced which is used to Change passenger old handset to new one, and active Season Ticket will transferred from old handset to new one. Using ‘show ticket’ feature the ticket can be showed to the TTE or TC. Off-line mode is available to show the paperless ticket if Internet connection not available in the mobile.

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