Cullian Android Application Provides Incredible Free Calls

Users have shared their experience with the technology world in using the android applications that have been downloaded from the play store and installed it in their smartphones. Android applications are now a trending software’s among the android smartphone users which do make the user’s life more easier to access their needs so simply through a single touch. One of the most searched android application in the play store is the calling application that could provide free calls and messages including video chat also and they should be secure at all means. It is because there are many fake and prank android applications that doesn’t work properly and might only display ads on the smartphone while working the android applications.

Cullian is a new android application which is developed by Secret Phone Inc which is the most advanced HD voice and video calling application and messenger that is totally free of cost. Users have already downloaded and installed the android application from the play store as the developers have designed the application in a size of 29 M. And one of the most amazing feature among all of them is that this android application can be used anywhere at any place which means from 2G to weak WiFi and satellite networks. The simple facts about the android application Cullian is that it do enables users the application in low bandwidth mode to use in slow or expensive satellite networks. The android application is available in play store to download as it is free to download and install it. There are many features implemented in the new android application to provide the users the best experience in using the android application.

One of the feature added in the new android application is that there is a facility to make calls in a country with internet restriction policies using Bypass VoIP blocking mode in the application. Also the android application is designed with free HD video catting at 720 pixels resolution with realistic colors and free HD audio calls even under 2G or edge. Another feature that have been added to the android application for making it a trending application is the free lightning fast instant messaging with cool stickers to make you chats more fun. Users have commented their experience with the best features implemented in this application. The application do consume only a little much charge as they demand you that your battery do lasts upto 1.5 time extra than normal use. And also there is a plugin added to the new android application which recognizes local numbers and country codes for you saved contacts. And so Cullian is one the new android applications that enable free calls at any place.

Introducing the new android application, Cullian is an application that enables fast photo and video capturing and could share those pics and videos so easily. The new android application is being mostly downloaded by the left hand users as the application shows full support for the left handed users. There is a feature enabled in the application which is the call forwarding option through free incoming calls while abroad. One of the most important feature implemented in this application is that this application is developed to use without using internet at all. Cullian do also provides service with the lowest rates in the industry. The best feature among the implemented ones is the execution of providing free calls across the world as the employees who have gone abroad for a job. Man has developed his scientific technology with his most brilliant ideas that do make easier in his life. And here a tele communication portal area for the users to connect their friends and relatives at free of cost.

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