Download Your Vehicle Details Easily – Kerala Motor Vehicle Department App

An application Provided by the Motor Vehicles Department Government of Kerala for the general public to view details of vehicles registered in Kerala, driving licence issued in Kerala and status of applications submitted at various offices of Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala.

Technology is growing up it’s best techniques ever discovered by man to make their life easier and comfortable. one of the best invention till this century is the mode of transportation in this whole world. Man has achieved his level in transportation which helps him to transport anything throughout the world with no difficulty. We should know that India is a country which is a developing country by all means have enabled transportation in every sector. And one of the leading developing state in India is the Kerala which has achieved every kind of sectors and technologies with incredible intelligence. But the matter we have tried to describe you is the service held by the motor vehicles department provided by the Kerala Government.

Motor vehicles department of Kerala have held a great service to the government with sincere commitment towards the employment. They have helped the citizens of India to register their vehicles in the Kerala state with active mind and have enabled the best services that should be provided by the motor vehicles department of Kerala. And now they have developed an android application which can be downloaded from the play store. The android application is developed and designed by the NIC Kerala who have provided a great service in serving with telecommunication sector of Kerala government. Like every android application, you can download this application from the play store and use it but it requires internet to access this application.

Featuring this application, after downloading and installing the android application, you can access the details of the vehicles you want to know further. According to the developer, the application is designed with the details registered in Kerala Motor Vehicles Department. Also the application provides driving license details issued by the Kerala government and you could also know the status of the applications that you have submitted in various offices of Motor vehicles Department of Kerala. Another feature of this application is that it also provides you the ownership details of the vehicle number you should have entered in the required area. Also you could access the technical details of the vehicle, tax details of the vehicle and even the past registration history details of the vehicle and the RTO of the vehicle when you enter the vehicle number.


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