DROTR Calls & Chats with Translation App

Drotr allows you to communicate with foreigners in your native language. The app simultaneously translates messages, voice and video calls. With Drotr you can communicate with foreign interlocutors without interpreters, anytime and everywhere.

FEATURES:Messages with instant translation into 104 languages, Video & voice calls with simultaneous voice translation into 44 languages, Photo, video, file & location sharing – fast and secure, Contacts blocking , Quality translation due to spell check feature with speech recognition, Easy registration with email, phone number or social login, And many more!

ADVANTAGES: Drotr is free of charge&add , available 24/7, security and privacy of your, conversations , no pauses and waiting. OPPORTUNITIES:You do not need interpreters any more – enjoy direct communication. Discuss any topic without intermediaries, Friends all over the world – find friends in any country of the world. Friendship and Drotr overcomes any language barriers, Communicate in person – speak up, use video- and voice calls. Enjoy communications, Be in trend – use innovative technologies for personal and business communication.

DROTR is an easy way to learn a language. You can master a foreign language quickly and easily, listening to the original and translation of speech, reading the original and translated messages. It is as if you are interaction with a native speaker. Moreover, you will be pleased to hear each other’s voice. And to catch mood, intonation, a light smile.
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