Primo Free Global Calls Android Application Download

An app which is used to call international calls with absolutely FREE! named as “Primo”. Now you can make very high-quality voice calls to your beloved ones.Top unique features are built in Primo app.
To make thousands of calling credits,you just do some simple activities in primo app . When you sign up to primo you can make thousand calling credits . And also by installing the different useful app to your phone,you can earn hundreds of calling credits. If you check,you will be awarded for each day checking in and 1000 credits for checking in continues 7 days. You can able to invite your friends to primo,which will credit you 1000 of calling credits each signup.It is able to use primo in Facebook, Twitter, Whats app, and so many other social apps.

The latest available option to earn 100 of calling credit is by clicking primo ads. And please understand that it doesn’t mean that you are wasting money on buying credits for phone calls.By doing this new option you will earn up to 30 min of free credits in every day. It makes a free conversation between primo users. Except all the above offers there are many other offers also in Primo. By utilizing all these offers you can earn call credits to call Non- Primo users free! You can make a call to any mobile ,Landline numbers in more than 230 countries.

How much Free minutes?
For every user,there will be credited of 2000 free calls in every day and additional 30 minutes will get as a free time. But remember about one thing that is free calling credit and free minutes are not same. But free credit will reduce from your account For each calls .Calling minutes range is different in different countries. In different country calling credit rate is different.Calling Credits Per Minutes to maintain Destination Countries.Given below are the details about calling credits.

India_110,United States-120,Russia-260,n-120,UK-130,Brazil-1090,Mexico-280,Canada-30,Ukraine-1340,Germany-1000,Spain-140,France-640,Italy-680,Poland-270,Turkey-1420,Australia-250,Argentina-1670,Thailand-120,Malaysia-240,Indonesia-440,Philippines-1130,Vietnam-650,Taiwan-980,,South Korea-130,Japan-430,Hong Kong-210,
Singapore-60,Israel-210 and Egypt-540.
At present,millions of people are enjoying this facility by installing the app.And you have to check the app to get complete call rates.

Quality of Primo app

The application uses IP-PSTN for high quality,so that the user can make video calls and phone calls with high quality. The special feature is that make calls with too low rates,which will be helpful to many users.
Another unique and fantastic feature as compared to other free call apps is that we can make live video messages through Primo app. you can convey very clear and vague messages,video calls,voice call etc.. This app is a different app,because,any other app doesn’t have this feature. The interested users can download from play store and install it. This app currently now available only in android device.So download it as soon as possible and enjoy the offers and experience . invite your friends ,and collect free CREDIT .

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