SpeakPic Android Application Pranks Friends With Photos Live

Have been a part of fun with friends ? huh! It seems that you have enjoyed your life the most with entertainments along with your friends which might be the most lovable memories for you. And so now a days technology have been developed with its utmost best features, though there are much users for them as people have reduced their valuable time to spend with their smartphones. Though outdoor entertainments have reduced among all of them, there must be another way to entertain when the technology develops along with the growth of users. A new android app is been developed which has been featured with entertaining features that could mind blow the users.

Speakpic is a new android application that is built by the 7Mobile team, who has designed the app with innovative features. Actually, when describing the new app, it is a voice translator that do make photos live through speaking. From the description of the app like as they have said with Speakpic, the voice of the translator will be really fun for you and friends. Speakpic uses artificial intelligence to give life to faces in photos. You can type or record any text, adding and giving life to a photo of a friend or someone famous. It will say everything you want. Have you thought about making your friend sing his/her team’s anthem or maybe an unexpected declaration of love. With SpeakPic, anything is possible.

Featuring the new android application, the developer of the voice changer has designed the application with the best features to make funny calls. Voice changer is an ultimate feature for making prank voices as you could make your voice funny by changing them to high and low voice pitches as if they might feel like in real time. You could even add crazy sound effects the next time you are on the phone with voice changer. The main feature of this application is that it provides you to make your voice high and funny or deep and creepy at the touch of a button. And so there are millions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application into their smartphones. You can change the voice with different effects to make the end result even funnier. There are dozens of voices to choose from, in multiple languages.

Though we have described the new android application, we should have discussed the new features that is implemented in the application for the users to make enable them the entertaining effects as the developer has maintained to fix the bugs if exists and and made a latest version to be updated which provides much more different styles of sounds to be expressed. And they have implemented real time effects which changes the sound effects any time during your use. One of the funniest feature among all of them is that you could play fun sound effects like siren, gong, dog, bark and even more effects that could be available online when searched.

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