Telegram is updated including new Animations and many more Emotions

An application is not best to contain a greater number of active users, if not by giving the user an update after another, including new features, improving the interface and offering good performance on all types of terminals. Therefore, Telegram could say that it is the best instant messaging application, pushing its own characteristics as the friendly stickers or the potential of the bots. In its last update, Telegram already drove the support with Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and in this last brings more new features and dedicated to the main objective of the application: Chat instantly with your contacts.

The stickers are an almost essential part of the application, but not why the company neglects the emotions, which have notably increased thanks to the inclusion of a good number of them, including the famous Pic. If instead of sending to the Horn any of your contacts, you prefer to be more friendly, now already have a lot of new emotions representing different facial expressions, as a sympathetic face smiling, another smiling with glasses of pasta, some thoughtful, disappointment and so many more than you can begin to use. We could see that there millions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from the play store.

On the other hand, though they achieved absolutely nothing, yes ensure that new animations have been included along with improving the current to offer better transitions and certainly a much more careful visual style. And how, also are not included the usual corrections of errors and stability, further adjusting the performance for, as mentioned, run to perfection more top range Terminal up to the low range. Telegram is a new android application that is developed to be connected across the world with amazing emoticons that are available in the application.
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