Tickle My Phone Android App Enables Access Remote Features

Accessing the gadgets remotely from anywhere is an amazing invention for the scientific technology. Technology have developed its features with the best ideas ever discovered. We know that there is an immense influence of the scientific technology in making a feature to connect gadgets remotely that makes man more easier to access his life. As we have known that there are many android applications that do makes us fools by providing fake or prank applications that do not work properly and might only display ads through out the application while working the android application.

Tickle My Phone is a new android application that is developed by the Awind who have maintained to add the best features to execute best results and improve the user experience. And also there is an another fact that millions of users have downloaded and installed this new android application from the play store which is trending among the similar android applications. Tickle My Phone is an android application that could mirror your smartphone which is based on LG brand or AOSP based ROM or any running Lollipop version android smartphone. One of the fact is that you should purchase a register key and the very most thing you have to do at first is to assure that your smartphone is compatible to use the android application.

Tickle My Phone is an android application that could mirror your android screen to a tickle my phone receiver through WiFi or USB. Meanwhile you could use the Tickle My Phone to control the sender by mouse, keyboard and even touch screen. Tickle My Phone is available on many kinds of platforms like android, windows, iOS, some specific projectors, TV’s, or boxes. The new android application is developed for the users to remote access the android screen but the developers recommend to root your device before using this application as if so you could download the application can be downloaded from the play store.

Featuring the new android application, the application is designed with the best features that are implemented in the new application which provides the users the features like connecting the device or gadget you have to access remotely. Before using the application you should make sure that your android device and the computer should be connected to the same wifi network. Then you can run the sender application from your android device and then so it will automatically search the receiver and you can start to the Tickle My Phone screen of your device to the receiver. You can also use your mouse or keyboard to control back your android phone or tablet from Windows. Using a USB cable you could connect by connecting your android device and PC. Open the USB tethering function on your android device and then the computer will automatically install a NDIS driver. Open the Windows Receiver and launch the Android Tickle My Phone and it will search the windows receiver. Select it, start to use and you can control back from your PC. Android is an open system so there may be many frame-buffer designs for various kinds of devices. Therefore, the developers do not guarantee Tickle My Phone that can run on all the android devices without any problem. The Tickle My Phone needs to access frame buffer so you must root your android device on the most cases. However, the developers have enclosed that they have found that there are some devices still that do run properly without rooting.

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