Toggle Meaning With Blue Leaf Dictionary

Moreover as a mother tongue, English is an international language which are mostly used by the people whole over the world. Its been history that the people of British and Dutch were the main passengers for the English language that has been spread among all the continents. However there seems difficulty for the beginners to study English language with meaning quickly. Here we introduce a prodigious dictionary application that helps the Keralites to study English quickly as much as easily. The new android application executed as a dictionary is named as Blue Leaf Dictionary which toggles the meaning of the words we apply for to know. As an Android Developer, the Blue Leaf Technology has committed a great contribution for the Educational Department in Kerala.

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Blue Leaf Dictionary intiates all the possibilities of grasping knowledge in discovering the meaning of English words which boosts the learning of English language quickly. The new android application is developed with the options of typing words of Malayalam in English language. Though it leads to an instant search mode and enables us the best result which has been programmed by the developer in it. One of the most important feature in this new android application is that we can test our English skill through the app as it increases our skill and even enhances our knowledge in English language. Being a user, the application is light weight which indicates the memory storage used by the application. Also we can search our history records once we have searched before and even save our favorite words separately for instant use quickly and is even designed with a voice search facility to avoid the stress in typing texts while at work. The android application is almost optimized for android smartphones and tablets which shows a light weight advanced portable dictionary on our hands.


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