Track View Application Tracks Out Video Surveillance

Man has discovered many gadgets and software’s which help him in many ways as there are many smartphone features that do finds something different among all of them to execute an different result. There are many applications launching daily in the play store and itunes store in which it might be fake or any type of prank applications. Users download such android applications due to the listing the app in the trending ones as most of the users have mistaken in searching and selecting the right application which do provides the exact service of the applications.

Track View is a new android application that is developed by the Cybrook. Inc. who have designed the new android application with the best features ever implemented in an application when compared to the similar applications in the play store. There are millions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from the play store and itunes store as the application is available in the link provided here. With the extra ordinary features that has been provided in the application, the app stands at the top level among the trending applications which overall detects that the app is so far the best one in its service.

Describing the new android application, downloading and installing is the first process you have to do if needed to access the service provided by the new android application. Track View is an application that turns your smartphones, tablets and computers into a connected mobile video surveillance and monitoring system which is enabled with a GPS location tracking, event detection and alert and cloud recording capabilities. You can also download and install the software for your computer as it is available in windows PC version also. Make it fast to access the best feature ever you gonna experience.

As we have described that what is the new android application, we can have a discussion on about its features and advantages that makes the application the best one and highlights the application among all the similar apps that are available in the play store and itunes store. When featuring the new android application, one of the most important feature among all of them is that it is the only application that ca simultaneously do event location s well as GPS location tracking along with the video surveillance and even work as a remote video recording application. The all new application gains you extra cost as there isn’t any purpose of any type of equipment’s or wires or anything, it just the matter of downloading and installing the Track View app in your device. Another feature which highlights among all the features is that the application is provided with an IP camera function which helps the user to monitor audio and video remotely. Also the application still works in background and sleep mode that could conserve your battery from over consumption. You could access any of your device by simply syncing your email with this universal app as you could control remotely at anywhere.
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