Trackiee Android Application Tracks Your Smartphone Quickly

Trackiee makes it easy to keep track of mobile phone essentials based on sending commands in the form of messages. Use Trackiee for the following by simply sending a message in the format: passcode@command. Trackiee helps retrieve the IMEI number of your lost phone. Trackiee uses GPS coordinates to find the whereabouts of the lost phone. Finding the missing phone’s location is now one message away.

Lost phone may end up in the wrong hands. Now factory reset your lost phone by sending a message. Hard finding mobile phone when it’s missing somewhere and in silent mode? Now change phone profile by simply sending a message. Trackiee enables receiving calls from your lost cell phone by just sending a message. Get alert from the missing phone instantly by sending a message.

Left phone at office or home. Have sensitive information in phone. Trackiee enables locking the
screen with password by sending a message. Need number the contacts while the phone is missing? Just send a message with contact name and get the contact number immediately.Sometimes it is difficult to attend a call when you are at busy works or at driving and also to find out the caller at the right moment. But the new android application allows you to identify the person through the picture saved and displayed on your smartphone while calling.

However we have described the all new advantages of the new android application as it reduces the spam callers but it is not at all that we have discovered other possibilities of using the app. We people are always busy with our daily activities and other works and if you need an urgent call you might call very fast without disturbing the work. But there might occur a chance of changing the person you are supposed to call due to your fast action on calling. But the nee android application does displays the picture of the person you are calling and you can decide it wisely even at the right moment. Due to this multi function, the new android application has been developed in an iOS version for the iPhone users. Thus in an overall view shows us that the app is reliable to use and is quick and free to access the feature provided by the developer.

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