True Key By Intel Security Locks Your Device With Your Face

Securing your smartphone with a simple lock might be hacked by anyone as the smartphone users search the internet for a locking applications that could entirely fail the hacker to unlock the device. There are many android applications that are available in the play store serving the locking feature which only serve similar locking feature that of the smartphone. People needs an android application that is entirely different from the others which should feel them that they are really safe from hackers and thefts.

True Key is a new android application that is developed by the Intel Corporation as it is a service provided by Intel security associated by Mcafee internet security. The new android application is designed for the users to use a single password instead of using too many passwords. True key is an android application which eliminates all the possibilities of hassling passwords. And so one of the another feature is that it remembers them and so you don’t have to remember them. You could instantly log in to your favorite sites using these features that are unique to you such as your face, fingerprint and the devices you do trust and also enjoy instant access to your favorite applications and websites.

Describing the new android application, there are millions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application in your smartphone. One of the main feature of the new android application is that the application is designed with a locking feature which is that it is the users face or your fingerprint. the new application is enabled with locking feature as you will be redirected to sign up a profile for enabling the locking feature as the application is designed with a face lock at the first time. The new android application is designed to lock the websites you need to access and other wont come to it.

Featuring the new android application, the application is designed in a way as you will be always in control of your information’s but that is just a basic common sense and its there wherever you download and install the new android application the true key application on your phone, computer or even a tablet and lets it sync your password as the application true key automatically fills in your passwords and logs you in. You can sign in using devices that are unique to you. Though millions of users have downloaded and installed the new android and iOS application in their smartphone, the application automatically locks the sites in the launch pad as you can make it more secure and safer from others like getting up your emails and something same related to that.
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