Android & ios Application Enables Faster FB Video Downloads

Social media is now the biggest media among smartphone users which is the trending one now a days. As we know that Facebook is a social media which is trending among all youngsters as it is a window portal for the people to connect their friends and relatives. Facebook do allows users to connect their friends and enable service to share their personal images or videos safe and secure. But the videos that is shared publicly in Facebook that goes cannot be downloaded directly.

Videoder is a tool that allows you to search for any video you want using a personalized search engine that combs through different streaming video services like YouTube, Vimeo, and others, so that you can then download them directly to your Android device. Videoder is a powerful video downloading tool, thanks to which you can download any video that you want, in the quality you want, right onto your Android device. From 240p to 1080p, you decide. The fact that exists in the case of this new android application is the fixation of updates for the application which overall means upgrading the recent versions to the latest with more features that should be user friendly.

There are a lot of features in this new android application to be explained as one of the main feature for this android application is that the application provides an option to download the Facebook videos to our smartphone as it is simple to use, safe from malware and pirates and is secure from any kind of websites. The another feature is that the android application is enabled with a security that defends malware application or ads that might redirect you to any malware sites that can cause harm to your smartphone. The android application is well designed with the features to make the user worthy from using and is user friendly.

Featuring this application, the new android application Video to Facebook is developed and designed for the users in a manner as they could use it more friendly by downloading your favorite videos from Facebook or any other websites. As we know that technology has met its utmost level, users have also made their debut in this field by sharing videos by downloading them from the required website. As from any overall analysis, the new android application is totally safe, secure and accurate to use.






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