Featuring The New Ambrane Dots 11 & Ambrane Dots 20 Ear Buds !!

Ambrane Dots 11 and Ambrane Dots 20 True Wireless Stereo have been launched in India. Both the earphones come with USB Type-C fast charging and Bluetooth V5 connectivity. It also has features like IPX5 water resistance rating. Both models come with voice assistant for Google Assistant and Siri. It has a system with touch sensors. Both of these audio devices have the ability to control music and calling. Ambrane dots 11 and Ambrane dots 20 provide up to 20 to 25 hours of playtime. The Ambrane Dots 11 and Ambrane Dots 20 TWS earphones are available through Ambrane official website or through Amazon and Flipkart.

Both the products, which are priced at Rs 2,999, are currently available online. On the company’s website, the Ambrane Dots 11 earphones sell for Rs 1,999 and the Ambrane Dots 20 for Rs 1,799. The Ambrane Dots 11 earphones are available for Rs 1,899 and the Ambrane Dots 20 earphones are available for Rs 1,599 on Amazon. But on Flipkart, Ambrane Dots 11 earphones are priced at Rs 1,899 and Ambrane Dots 20 earphones are priced at Rs 1,699. Ambrane Dots 11 is only available in one color. Ambrane Dots 20 is available in two colors. It is available in black and white color. Ambrane Dots 11 and Ambrane Dots 20 TWS earphones have a lot of features. These two earphones have Bluetooth V5 capability. It also has an IPX5 water-resistance rating. It has the ability to deal with water splashes.

Ambrane Dots 11 comes with 7mm dynamic drivers and comes in a non-stem design. Google Assistant and Siri also feature a high-bass feature and a voice assistant. These earbuds can be charged for up to 20 hours of total playtime. Offers up to 5 hours on a single charge. Fast charging system is guaranteed via USB Type-C port. These earphones also come with a touch control system for music and calling. Designed in Ambrane Dots 20 is an environmental noise canceling feature with a stem design. This gives a better mic quality when calling the phone and reduces the ambient sound. These earphones feature advanced acoustic technology and 10mm drivers.

Earbuds are the very trending digital gadget in both computer field and mobile field. They are becoming more and more user-friendly and dynamic earphones in our daily life. Youngsters are the most frequent customers of earbuds for entertainment purposes as well as educational purposes. Coming to the educational field, it is being used by many teachers, scholars, and researchers for the efficient processing of their goals and achievements. They are accessible in various price-ranges, dynamic features and hues. These earbuds provide up to 25 hours of playtime in total. Provides USB Type-C port for charging. They are equipped with multi-functional touch sensors to control music and calling.

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