Fella Android Application Shares Videos Instantly For Facebook

Fella is a web wrapper with which you can use Facebook in different color themes and also with any color of your own choice. You also get a lot of customization options in the app. Fella is a Web wrapper with some awesome enhancements you don’t get from a browser. It is very optimized and battery or data efficient. Choose color of your choice: Use Facebook in colors of your choice. Also, you can select various material colors in the app.

Fella is for you, forever. Enjoy Facebook without any advertisements, anywhere. It keeps your data usage low and your experience the best possible. Facebook may offer you sponsored content as part of your feed. The app is very small size and is fast. Images and Stories load faster. Fella is just 1 MB. The user interface of the app is very clean and simple to use. Fella is available in Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Hindi, Italian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese, German, French, Korean, Arabic language. In order to offer you the best experience and operate properly, the Fella App needs access to the following services like that should be required with Android OS 4.1 or higher and to detect critical crashes and recover the app state and to allow the app to connect to wi-fi and browse Fella on Wi-fi and Mobile Data.

It is one of the best rated keyboard on the App Store and Play store serving millions of happy users. The new application has been included with gif & stickers and now get the best out of your texting with unlimited free gif and stickers, thousands of emoji’s & emoji arts that all you want in one place. Worried about your device memory? Fancy key comes with the best features packed in the smallest size. A team of highly skilled artists gives you the best designed keyboards there is. The best and the most beautiful swipe input method is there waiting for you. Explore the world of custom theme, now you can create unlimited theme with our customization options. Get a little funky and funny with the awesome sounds. Fit the keyboard for the size you love. It will follow your orders. The most advance and customized auto correction for every language is also included in the app. They have worked hard and will keep working hard to keep Fancy key the most stable and best performing app for all android devices!

Featuring the new android application, we can describe them with the best features that have been implemented to the application for the best performance to be exhibited for the users experiencing the regional language while chatting with the people as the application does supports more than a hundred of languages. Swift keyboard enables the user simply swiping with an option named swift key flow. An auto correcting facility is one of the main feature that highlights among all of the features implemented in it. Also the application is designed with tons of emoticons as the applications learns and predicts the best emoticons needed for you according to your slang of your language which is really fun for the users as the application is totally free, quick and easy to use.
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