Freedome VPN Android App Unblocks Websites Quickly

Freedome VPN is the newest application developed by Xoasis, a Finnish company known for its excellent antivirus and cyber security solutions. Alarmed by the recent scandals related to mass surveillance programs and data for sale practiced by large corporations, the company decided to create an application whose premise is to turn the right of privacy to Internet users.

Basically, the program brings together four different features that, combined, allow you to browse the web and share information with your friends in a way much more secure, completely shielded against any hackers prying eyes. It acts as a VPN client, online tracking blocker, anti virus and malicious sites detector. One of the philosophies within the Freedome VPN is to transform a complex technology into something easy to be understood by ordinary users – and it was through this concept that the company developed the Freedome.

The interface of application is focused on only one big button by which you can turn on and off all the instant way protection modules. The modules in question are the following. Tracking protection: causes the Freedome to hide your IP address and block tracking cookies that are usually offered for all sites that you visit. That way, any page or application can collect information about you. Browser protection automatically blocks the sites that offer risk to your digital life, such as pages with phishing and fake forms able to steal sensitive data;

Virus protection protects your device against malware that eventually try to invade your gadget to damage it or get hold of personal information. Protecting connection creates a virtual private network (VPN) through the Freedome VPN Cloud server, encrypting all data traffic in and out of your device. You can also drag the on/off button down and turn on/off each of the four modules individually, if you prefer. But it doesn’t stop there the Freedome VPN also allows you to “pretend” that is located in another country, so you can access restricted content to a certain region. It is worth noting that the program also offers a monitor that displays real-time traffic data protected, quantity of viruses and malicious websites blocked and total trace attempts that were avoided. This information is located on the lower main screen of Freedome, but you can view them with more details by sliding the on/off button upwards.

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