Full Screen ID Android App Substitutes Caller ID With Photo

We all are smartphone users and we have enabled many free services that is available through the android market. One of the main android market that is known among us is the play store which have provided many android applications till this moment. But one of the main issue among the users is that there are many spam callers which is totally intolerable by the users. And so there should be at least a service of knowing the caller at once before calling as it might help the users to accept or decline the call.

Full Screen Caller ID is a new android application that is developed by the NickyCho who has designed the new application with the best features to provide the users with a pic of the caller as the application performs the service of a caller id. And so there are found o be millions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from the play store to their android phone. One of the another fact about the app is that it is rated by the users with their best comments and reviews which is recorded from the users experience.

Full screen caller id is an android application which is designed to display the picture of the caller which fits to your full screen. This app reduces the possibilities of spam callers as you can identify them at the moment they call you. Sometimes it is difficult to attend a call when you are at busy works or at driving and also to find out the caller at the right moment. But the new android application allows you to identify the person through the picture saved and displayed on your smartphone while calling.

However we have described the all new advantages of the new android application as it reduces the spam callers but it is not at all that we have discovered other possibilities of using the app. We people are always busy with our daily activities and other works and if you need an urgent call you might call very fast without disturbing the work. But there might occur a chance of changing the person you are supposed to call due to your fast action on calling. But the nee android application does displays the picture of the person you are calling and you can decide it wisely even at the right moment. Due to this multi function, the new android application has been developed in an iOS version for the iPhone users. Thus in an overall view shows us that the app is reliable to use and is quick and free to access the feature provided by the developer.

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