Jio Launches JioBook Laptop Based On Qualcomm Hardware !!

Reliance Jio is now stepping into laptop manufacturing. Jio is about to launch a laptop called JioBook. XDA reported. Jio’s laptop is also expected to be available at a lower price point with the introduction of Jio phone, a mobile that offers 4G services at a lower price. These will be laptops with cellular connectivity. It is learned that Reliance Jio will be helped by American chip maker Qualcomm to launch laptops with cellular connectivity. Jio will be developing a laptop based on Qualcomm hardware. The OS and features are included in this Jiobook.

It is known that the Jiobook will not be a laptop running Windows 10. This laptop will run on Google’s Android OS. Jio calls the Android based OS used on its laptop ‘Jio OS’. Jio’s prototype laptop is powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 665, 11nm chipset. It has a 4G LTE modem on the chipset itself. It is being developed by Jio in association with China – based Bluebank Communication Technology. The company develops products that run on kiosks on Jio phones. Better availability is guaranteed once the Jiobook is released. Laptop The first half of 2021 will see the launch of the JioBook laptop.

Jiobook could not complete the hardware in the EVT Engineering Validation Test on the Product Developing Cycle. It is equipped with a recycled keyboard with Windows key. After that, laptops will come to the market with more and better features. The laptop Snapdragon 665 and Android, which are being developed by JioBook, are likely to be available in JioBook. No further details have been released with JioBook yet. People are waiting for news about prices. However, this laptop will be available in a budget free mode.

Specialized types of laptops are provided with efficient features and memory. They vary in different price points, types and models. Better efficiency and processing capacity is a major characteristic of this laptop. These will become one of the trendsetter of this digital era. Jiobook enhance the speed and accuracy of digital content and increases a highly efficient use of online as well as offline processing of data. This new launch will surely give vivid opportunities to digital employees and consumers.

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