MSQRD Android App Provides Face Swap For Video Selfies

Record video selfie animations, change the way you look and send it to friends via your favorite messengers and social networks. Transform the way you look through amazing masks and effects! Turn into a panda, zombie or even face swap with your friends. Save and share photos and videos, and now broadcast yourself live to your friends, family and fans on Facebook while wearing your favorite masks.

The tools have been conveniently grouped into 6 separate app sets; Many more tools are being developed as we write this. In fact there will be over 36 tools in 6 separate genres! so keep your eyes open and upgrade to the latest version whenever it’s available. Measure your heart rate with device camera and observe a real time pulse chart. Checking your pulse is a simple way to get information about your health. Measure the intensity of vibrations felt around device. Detect motions like shaking, swinging, tilting, and rotating, using acceleration sensor on device.

Easily translate words from one language to another through simple operations. Listen to music for free from any genre. Ultimate fitness companion for any of your gym or home workouts. Keep your phone clean! Clean junk files, cache and boost device RAM. Save and Extend Your Battery Life with one-tap easy optimizer. Monitor the current sound pressure level and its spectrum. Get directions faster, find places, shows your current location on the map, share your GPS coordinates. Classic metronome with adjustable tempo. Tune the pitch of your voice or musical instruments. It can also play the corrected tone.

Shows directions using device’s built-in magnetic sensor relative to the geographic cardinal points so you have the right direction always in your hand. Magnify small objects that are hard to see. It also includes a flash light. See yourself using your front facing camera even at night. Measure the slope of any object using your camera and imaginary weight. Create ringtones you love faster with this easy to use tool. Detect magnetic field of nearby materials and observe it on real time chart. Take notes easily in your favorite colors. Backup notes, stay organised. Convert between different currencies. Currencies are updated automatically. Make basic calculations with graphs. Convert between different physical units. Recorder makes it easy to record and playback high quality long-time sound recording on your smartphone or tablet. Tools support both metric and imperial unit formats and several languages. However, not all devices have the appropriate sensors to support all the tools. Please note that Smart Kit 360 is a free app supported with unobtrusive banner ads only.

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