Olam Dictionary Translates English Words To Malayalam

There are many languages that are spoken are read across the world and moreover the most written language is the English language as it is an international language. Being an international language, there are many possibilities for having selected this language for multi national purposes. And though English is sometimes tough for the youngsters who are freshers for a job or an interview. The difficulty is to understand and know about the English words along with their meaning to increase the fluency of the language.

Olam is a new android application that is developed by Vishnu S who has committed immense attitude towards developing the new application. The new application is designed with a lots of English words that are seen in English dictionaries. And also the aim of the new application is that the android application is a translate dictionary for the regional users of Kerala. The new android application translates the English words to the Malayalam words and does also provides all kinds of meaning that does suites the meaning to the English words.

Olam is an application that is developed for the users who does needs the meaning of the English words with all possible meaning’s as the application is available in play store and itunes store also as the application is available for the iphone users also. The all new application is designed with special features which is implemented to the application for providing the best user experience among them. Though the analysis of the application leads us to record as that the application has been downloaded and installed by the users in their smartphone from the play store.

Featuring the new android application, Olam has been developed with extra ordinary features that do highlights the application all similar dictionary applications. One of the feature of the application is that the application has been enabled with lots of Malayalam meaning that does suites to a single English word. The app do provides noun, verbal meaning of the English word which is available through a single touch. As we have downloaded and installed the new application, the application leads us to dialog box in which the word should be typed there and you just need to click the search button and you will be displayed with the most suitable meaning of the English word you have submitted. Thus it determines that the new android application is being a great history for the developer as the application have scored a millions of hearts of the users who have downloaded and installed the new android application from the play store.
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