Recognize & Block Fake FaceBook Accounts With Simple Steps

Its been a great headache on maintaining the fake Facebook accounts that do mock the users as their friends and cheats them in several means. And so the Facebook developers has also solved such an issue widely to ensure the better experience for the users who ever uses Facebook accounts on their smartphones.

One of the main feature of the app is that it supports group chat, you can invite number of participants. You can create multiple group chats: with colleagues, close friends with his family. You can go to discuss some issue on business or with your family to decide what movie to go on the weekend. And here goes an amazing guideline that would block fake accounts through few procedures.

To transfer photos and videos can be used as the files you already have and take snapshots and record video directly during communication. Have the ability to record and send a voice message.Being as a user, we could analyse that there are enormous features implemented in the application which is shared through the best reviews commented upon their best experience in using the new android application. Users have downloaded and installed the new android application which enables them to find and delete older data applications that were uninstalled and even could create a backup of the installed applications.

However we have known about the Facebook features but the way to block fake accounts is to know how we approach them. One of the easiest way to recognize them is to chat with them. If anyone feels any fishy in their chat like bribing money or asking for money soon you have starting the chat, and so those accounts might be fake. So the first procedure you have to do is to block them which could be available at the options list just below the cover pic of the friend you want to block. You can ban users from entering your Facebook profile by banning them. And the best and last option is t report the Facebook for analyzing the Facebook account as if they might check the account with security questions. The time they start checking the account, the account will be suspended and deactivated until the analyses completes. To do it right now download and install the Facebook android app and complete the procedure explained and enjoy.

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