Redirect File Organizer Android App Easily Redirects Files To Your SD Card

Redirect File Organizer finally offers a way to automatically organize your phone and computer files. The concept is simple that it redirects a task saved to your device that tells the app how your phone and PC should be organised, by ‘running’ a redirect the app will organize your devices however you have decided. Only the paid version of the app supports redirecting to your computer. You can sync folders and files between your phone and computer, organize your computer, move your Video files to one folder. Move your gifs to one place. Consolidate your music. Automatically manage files from your Internal Storage. Easily backup files and keep your work documents organised.

Featuring this application, we could find that there are a lot of features that provides us comfort in using this application. We can find out each file located anywhere through a search area. It does locates the file from the sdcard or phone memory. The new application also detects junk files and cache files and kills them instantly. We have experienced that our friends do asks the file and we find difficulty in finding them in our smartphone. The problem will be resolved if you download this application.

According to the developer, the ES file explorer is an application which is mostly developed for the users whoever finds difficulty in finding their private files. Another feature in this application is that we could secure or lock our private files from visitors simply and easily. Overall, this application is being developed with user friendly features.After get the application opened navigate whatsapp media folder usually it is available in sd card>whatsapp>media Inside the media folder we will get another folder named as whatsapp images. Tap on the folder for some time then we get rename option on the application just rename it. Remember to add period in the renaming. Do it for whatsapp video folder also. You can feel the difference in the gallery. After doing this whatsapp images and videos will not come under gallery.

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