SplitVid Android App Enables Dual Role Editing Feature

The first split video app for Android devices. Split video and camera allows you to create more than one clips and images on the same scene. Clone yourself on a video or picture, create illusion videos and images, create funny moments and many more. Split video and camera is straight forward, very simple and easy to use. Explore your creativity, capture your moment and share it with your friends.

10 seconds free recording get unlimited recording and no ads through the in-app purchase. 1 frame (get more frames through the in-app purchase. 6 free frames get more frames through the in-app purchase. Self Timer, Basic Filters, Get the no ads version through the in-app purchase. Splitvid is a new android application that enables users to edit their images and videos which results an amazing image that looks similar to the effect. Splitvid is a video editing software which is downloaded by millions of people and installed it in their smartphone. We know that video editing software is now rare which is true and accurate among android applications.

There are fake and prank video editors that cheat you by only showing you ads or showing up any edited images or edited videos by any other video software. Featuring this application, users download this application and installs this application as it the era of new video technologies which enables you to carry your own Hollywood right in your hand. Download Splitvid video editing android application which lets you artistically capturing videos of the world around you.

One of the main feature of this android application is that the latest technology implemented in this application contributes to a fantastic output. Also there is an another feature which applies filters to our videos as this android application is designed with super effects available in it. Overall the android application is accurate, safe and secure to use it more simply. The android application is well designed with its best features to provide any user to edit their new or stored videos or images to enhance the pic or the video with the best qaulity which resembles with effect. Applying each effect on to your project can be previewed with an option implemented in it. And so the android application is now available in the play store and itunes market.

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