Vivo Wireless Headset HP 2154 Features 5 Hrs Battery Life !!

Vivo is currently expanding its portfolio of audio phones with the neckband-designed Vivo wireless headset HP 2154. The Vivo Wireless Headset HP 2154 is a lightweight one. It is available in three colors. It comes with an in-ear wingtip design. These earbuds can be magnetically connected to each other for storage. The Vivo Wireless Headset HP2154 has an IPX4 water resistance protection. So it provides protection from water. But this is not waterproof. It comes with a USB Type-C port for charging. The wireless headset HP 2154 has low latency and 18 hours of battery life. The Vivo Wireless Headset HP2154 is priced at around Rs 3,400.

This is the approximate price in the Indian market. It is now available for pre-booking on China’s Vivo website. It is available in Black, Blue and Gray. So far Vivo has not said much about the international availability of this new headset. The Vivo Wireless Headset HP 2154 has 11.2mm moving coil drivers that come with the Daiko Copper-clad aluminum voice coil. The frequency response range is from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. It weighs only 24 grams. This headset is powered by a 129 MAH battery. It can last up to 18 hours on a single charge. The headphones are charged via the USB Type-C port. It takes about an hour to fully charge.

10 minutes of charging gives 5 hours of battery life. The latency has been reduced to 80 ms. Provides excellent gaming and ‘excellent listening experience. The Vivo Wireless Headset HP2154 uses Bluetooth 5.0 for connectivity. It also has an IPX4 water resistance rating. The volume control buttons on the neckband work to change tracks. These earbuds are magnetic so the music played automatically when the buds are held together. It turns on automatically when placed in the ear. Bringing the Vivo Wireless Headset HP2154 closer to the Vivo phone when Bluetooth is on will show a pop-up that allows for an easy and fast connection. The wireless headset supports Vivo’s Jovi Voice Assistant with the HP 2154 earphones.

Headsets are inevitable in our digital media life. They are used nowadays multi-purposely, including listening music, videos, online classes and so and so. Headsets are available in online market as well as in shops; in two types like wireless and wired ones. Presently, they are available as airpodes and airdopes processing through bluetooth. People from all age groups use these kinds of headsets available in various price ranges and vivid range of colours. Both single piece and double piece earphones can be get easily in digital market. Since microphones are attached to them they can be used in various fields such as military operations, law, cops, media works etc.

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