WhatsApp Application Updates Status Feature With Pics & Videos

Since the world is built with the technological gadgets, we are known with the latest modes of technology mechanisms which could connect us each other with 4g options. one of the most advanced android and iOS application is the Whatsapp owned by Mark Zuckerberg who has updated new versions and options in the application. The new android app is designed with the latest techniques that could give the user a comfortable atmosphere in using the application.

Though the WhatsApp android app is known throughout the world, the developers of the app has updated new options in it for advancing the user experience. However most of the users are known about the application we are informing you as the app is widely used among the youngsters. However the there are many options built in, which could provide the best experience in using the application. One of the most important feature in the app is that it is designed with the best messaging app ever which could transfers messages in seconds. There is also an another option that if the recipient have delivered the message and have read the message. Also the user could find out their friends through contacts list and could also know that if they were available or not and could also know the time they were available since at the present time.

Describing the new updation in the new android application, first of all we could analyse the analytical records of the new bug fixations as there are millions of users who have downloaded and installed the new android application into their smartphones for further usage of the application. We could see that the recent update in this android app is the addition of the video call feature which could provide the best experience in connecting people through seeing each other.

And so we can now know about the new update in the android and iOS app as the developer of the application have designed the app with a different updation which makes the user to upload their current status by photos and videos and could also upload multiple status at a time. With the new option, the developer provides the user to express their current status more accurately in which the app sent’s the status as a message to all of their contacts in their smartphone. One of the highlighted feature about the updation is that the status would be only updated for 24 hrs and would disappear after the time. And an another feature in the app is that they have arranged the order sequence of the title lines as they have added a status column in the application where you could see all the status updates by your friends. You could also view the persons who have viewed your status and know the comments they have given for your status. For experiencing the new updates provided by Whatsapp, we have provided a download link here. Download and enjoy your experience of technology.

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