Youtube Announces New Android App With Offline Features

Introducing a brand new app to enjoy and share videos YouTube Go. Built for the next generation of users to enjoy the power of YouTube. Maximize your fun without burning up your data. This app is coming soon. Sign up and be among the first to find out when the app launches. Enter either your phone number or email address below

Just by installing “Web of Cam” onto your Android, iOS or Nokia S60 phones or tablets, you will be able to see video from another mobile phone or PC browser at real time through a Wi-Fi network. You can configure your mobile phone into a Camera or Viewer unit. Alternatively, you can enter the URL displayed on the Camera device to a web browser and watch the video from PC. Apart from Android, “Web of Cam” also supports iPhone, iPad and Nokia S60 devices.

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One of the feature is that it has stable video and audio streaming at high quality with web interface. 2-way audio. switch front or rear camera. Turn on/off LED. Zooming control, exposure control. Automatic camera discovery and pairing. No need to enter the IP of your wireless camera manually. Password protection for cameras. Adjustable video resolution and white balance. Can turn off the camera LCD to save power and life-time. Simultaneous connection from multiple viewers. Dropcam, webcam, ip camera nest baby monitor pet cam axis tiny cam surveillance home security. Your home security system budget is an affordable solution. Your phones have the best cam, wifi cam. It is so easy to install, the easiest setup, actually. Buy refurbished phones, second hand phones, old smartphones, or re purpose broken phones, used phones, recycle smartphones.

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